Autoterm Flow 5B 12V (4337)
Assy: 4337
AUTOTERM Flow 5B (12V)

Tehnilised parameetrid:

Control Unit for AUTOTERM Flow 5B 12V (petrol), assy.4337

This control unit is suitable for diesel liquid heaters AUTOTERM Flow 5B 12V (Binar 5S 12V - petrol).

All AUTOTERM Flow 5B (12V) heaters with serial number series: 4821xxxxxxx are equipped with this control unit.

* AUTOTERM Flow 5B 12V equipped with this control unit uses different wiring harness for Pierburg & Bosch PAD liquid pump:

** If this control unit is used as a replacement for Binar 5S 12V petrol heater, then to connect a Pierburg liquid pump a wiring harness also must be changed to wiring harness assy.4366

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