3-suunaline elektriklapp-ventiil
Assy: FR061
2 astmeline solenoidklapp / Pistiku korpus kompl.

Tehnilised parameetrid:

This electric 3 way valve has 2 states/positions corresponding to electric on/off supply. The valve has 3 spigots corresponding to one inlet & two outlet spigots.

Standard configuration from 1 to 2 or 1 to 3.

  • OFF state - The coil is not powered and the rubber plunger is closing the 3rd spigot. In this state, the spring is applying the closing force. Flow direction from 1 to 2 is opened.
  • ON state - The coil is powered and the plunger is closing the 2nd spigot. The closing force is the one applied by the coil minus the spigot force. Flow direction from 1 to 3 normally closed.

Voltage: 12V

Electric power: 18W

Max temperature: 120°C

Maximum pressure: 2 bar

Package contents: 

1 x Electric 3 way valve

1 x Socket housing

2 x Rubber seals

2 x Crimp sockets